Recommended Children's Books: I Am a Cat by Galia Bernstein

Feels: Funny with unsuspecting depth.

Jesse B. Descriptive: I AM A CAT, by Galia Bernstein, is a humorous exploration of identity as an everyday house cat, confident in its right to belong, seeks approval amongst larger felines of the wild.

This book explores what it means to be what you are. Galia Bernstein comedically investigates which qualities certify you as a member of a specific group. This book silently asks: even if your roar isn’t as ferocious, your claws aren’t as frightful and your stride isn’t as quick, do you still belong?

Notes: As a picture book publisher, I study roughly 500 picture books a year.

As you probably guessed, I review a lot of PBs that I don't think get enough love and others that receive a lump sum of exposure compared to smaller publications.

This book’s popularity (like ALMA, our previous post in this series) is in perfect harmony with its humor and substance. If I Am a Cat isn't already a part of your collection, I recommend adding it or thumbing through it at your local library.