Jesse Byrd is a 30-something African-American storyteller and dual-native of California and Louisiana.

At 6 feet 8 inches tall, Jesse was able to pay for his college education by playing basketball at one of the top 10 Academic Public Universities in the country (UC Santa Barbara).

After 3 years of working on a secret project for Google at their headquarters in California, Jesse decided to pursue his true love of creating stories for readers young and old.

Jesse’s debut Middle-Grade novel, King Penguin, Received high-praise and won awards at both the Los Angeles and Paris Annual Book Festivals. His second book, sunny days, earned him the mom’s choice and eric hoffer awards for 2018. His third story, real jungle tales, won children’s book of the year in the United kingdom (wishing shelf awards). his latest release, dream catcher, Recently debuted in june of 2019 to an electric reception.

In his second life as an award-winning storyteller, Jesse’s next adventures include: (1) a basketball-themed picture book about the relationship between leadership and service, (2) a comedic exploration of the at-times-odd distance between the reality and coverage of climate change, (3) a reflective tale about how anger can spread and effect the masses with ways to address frustration, and (4) a Christmas story, in verse, about Santa Claus’s Secret Holiday Shoppers.

Jesse loves french toast with sliced strawberries, reading, film, nature, architecture, podcasts, video games, and freshly popped popcorn.

You can purchase Jesse’s work HERE, directly from him on Instagram & Facebook (while supplies last) and via Amazon!