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Editing, Writing + Art Direction


Article: Entrepreneur Magazine

Company: Kaizen Consulting

Role: Copywriter

Snippet: “Fiery debates are sprouting all over the globe around how automation is rapidly changing the landscape for business. Like the digital revolution and industrial before it, a rise in automation points to a new way of doing business for everyone. While major corporations shell out waves of cash to test this new industry -with driverless cars, delivery drones, and even pizza-making machines– how can SMEs best prepare to ride the wave to come?”


Article: Entrepreneur Magazine

Company: Kaizen Consulting

Role: Copywriter

Snippet: “Dedicating time for your social media can be a hassle. Publishing content, sharing posts, coming up with quick, witty sentences, finding amazing pictures: it feels like this strange downtime activity you’re forced to incorporate into your business. Yet, statistics show hundreds of millions of people -including your best clients and prospects- pay close attention to these platforms every single day. And while using your last drip of mental energy to find the right caption can be as riveting as a trip to the dentist- you need to appreciate its hidden value: free marketing for your business.”


Blog ArticleS

Company: PIECED | A San Francisco-Based B-Corp Working to Eliminate Sweatshops in SouthEast Asia

Role: Copywriter

Snippet: “Truth: Over 100,000 students in Vietnam dropped out during the 2007 school year alone and the story hasn’t gotten much better since then. Some areas are so disadvantaged, only 10-15% of kids make it past the third grade.

3 Big Reasons Why

  • Poor Grades: Nearly 50 percent of Binh Phuoc’s dropouts and over 50 percent in Gia Lai left because of poor first term results. Kids are dropping out because they’re not making great grades. This impacts, confidence and the faith in their ability to do well down the line.

  • Awareness: Parents not being fully aware of how education can offer better income in the near and distant future for their child.

  • Money: Most Ho Chi Minh City, “HCMC,” school principals say one of the reasons kids drop out is because of “economically disadvantaged families.” Even for families who want to, some are simply too poor to keep their kids in school.”


Customer-Facing Articles

Company: Ernst & Young

Role: Editor-in-Chief

Description: Editing 500+ customer-facing business articles for clarity, efficiency and optimal engagement. The goal of these articles was to provide a resource to SMEs regarding: business development, finance, personnel management and any law changes which may impact their business. My primary charge was to take industry jargon and transform it into engaging, easy to understand material of varying lengths (anywhere between 150-2,000 words). In addition to refining EY’s existing assets, I managed and developed a team of copywriters - whom, in addition to editing their articles, giving feedback, setting and managing deadlines - I oversaw their professional development as writers and editors. Due to EY’s NDA, I’m not at liberty to show direct samples of the project I headed, however I am happy to discuss at length my position’s responsibilities.

Brand Style Guide

Company: Kees Realty & Mortgage

Role: Project Manager | Art Director

Description: My role was to architect the style guide layout, develop the written content for each page, edit the copy, find the corresponding (royalty-free) images, manage the turnaround time and apply client feedback/requested changes to help develop a Brand Style Guide for an Oakland-based real estate firm. In addition, I was responsible for identifying, screening and contracting an Adobe InDesign specialist to help develop the technical aspect of the project - so my role included giving direction to the InDesign specialist about how we’re looking to build and revise the brand’s style guide.

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