Query Letter Editing

Query Letter Editing

  • Timely + Transparent Process

  • 3 Rounds of Professional Edits

  • 35-minute Publishing Consultation

  • More Service Info Below

Let's Edit!

This Service Includes:

3 Rounds of Professional Edits

  • 2 Developmental Rounds

  • 1 Copy Editing Round

Developmental Editing Includes:

  • Character Development

  • Plot

  • Pacing

  • Exposition

  • Dialogue

Copy Editing Includes:

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Word Choice

  • Word Efficiency

  • Formatting

Publishing Consultation

  • Whether you're seeking traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing or micro-publishing we'll have a plain-English conversation about each option, which documents need to be prepared plus an overview of facts, figures and what to consider. This session is 35 minutes via phone or video conference to talk through what's next for your finished query and synopsis.

Turnaround Time

  • 1st Developmental Edit: 10 Days

  • 2nd Developmental Edit & Storyboard Revisions: 15 Days (after receipt of author's 1st round revisions)

  • Copy Edit - 5 Days (after receipt of author's 2nd round revisions)

  • Consultation: Within 7 days of you finishing your copy edits, final revisions and letting me know you're ready to chat.

Query Letter + Synopsis Submission Format

  • Please email your manuscript to this address in .DOC or .DOCX format.

  • You will receive your revisions via Google Docs with comments and suggestions applied directly to the manuscript.

Special Note: This service mentioned is for query and synopsis editing + refinement. We would be partnering with you to refine the drafts you submit of these documents. If, however, you are looking for someone to develop and refine your query letter and synopsis from scratch, please let see the “Query Letter Creation” Service to explore this pathway.