Children's Picture Book Editing & Publishing Consultation

Children's Picture Book Editing & Publishing Consultation


Each picture book manuscript submitted to a major publisher is competing with works from creators around the globe. The stories which stand the best chance of winning the book deal are the ones presented in mint condition. Receiving a developmental and copy edit from an award-winning professional in the field can give your work an invaluable advantage over the hoards of people looking to snag the few slots publishing houses make available for new authors each year. We help storytellers get their voices heard by providing:

  • 3 Rounds of Professional Edits from an Award-Winning Children’s Book Editor

  • 35-minute Publishing Consultation After Your Edits (to help you navigate what’s next)

  • An Editing Style That is Informative and Encouraging - Our aim is for clients to leave as wiser and more knowledgable creators within the genre.

  • Detailed Information Regarding: Expected Turnaround Times, Deliverables From Our End, and What Each Edit Entails is BELOW.

Let's Edit!

What to Expect

3 Rounds of Professional Edits

  • 2 Developmental Rounds

  • 1 Copy Editing Round

Developmental Editing

  • Character Development

  • Plot

  • Pacing

  • Theme

  • Exposition

  • Dialogue

  • Genre Readiness

Copy Editing

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Word Choice

  • Word Efficiency

  • Formatting

Text Storyboarding

  • After the first round of developmental edits, we will lay out the book in a Text Storyboard. This will give us a high-level look into each scene to assure there is no wasted space and each page pushes the plot forward.

Publishing Consultation

  • Whether you're seeking traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid publishing or micro-publishing we'll have a plain-English conversation about each option, which documents need to be prepared plus an overview of facts, figures and what to consider. This service is for 35 minutes via phone but if you prefer to chat in person I'm always happy to meet at a coffee shop around town and talk through what's next for your finished manuscript.

Turnaround Times

  • 1st Developmental Edit: 14 Days

  • 2nd Developmental Edit & Storyboard Revisions: 20 Days (after receipt of author's 1st round revisions)

  • Copy Edit - 11 Days (after receipt of author's 2nd round revisions)

  • Consultation: Within 14 days of you finishing your copy edits, final revisions and letting us know you're ready to chat.