Episode #2: Sea Monster in San Francisco (Monsters Are Real)

Episode #2: Sea Monster in San Francisco (Monsters Are Real)


Denise Fenster thinks — Don’t tell them what I think!

YOU weren’t even there, I can tell them myself.

**Narrator throws hands in the air and walks away.**

Thank you, random old dude!

Okay, so I think family time is hella weak. Why? Because my dad is extra corny and my little brother does way too much.

What made it worse is, I’ve had a pretty scary experience with water, so this “starlit family boating trip” wasn’t exactly my favorite flavor.

But, when we made it out to middle of this dark, empty body of water, my little brother and I saw someone or something who…

Well, I shouldn’t tell you what I think I experienced — I should let you decide for your self.

Just know I never scare easily and this was THE creepiest night of my life.

If you’re feeling brave, take a look at my story and tell me what you think.

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