Bad Movie Night, Episode 3

The problem with 1997, is its a marked year. "If it doesn't fit you must acquit", "I want to eat his children!", "I'll never let go Jack", "You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good." "We'll always love Big Poppa", Microsoft climbs to the world's most valuable company and we sat for our first term at Hogwarts. Few years are so dense, with story and lives that change story and lives. Making it hard for anything non-groundbreaking to get through. So when suggested Anaconda for Bad Movie Night, my first thought was, it wasn't that bad. It's '97. I'm grading on a curve. But it was. It really really was, and I'll tell you why in a second. Despite the family-film phase I like Ice Cube. He's earned a level of cinematic immunity with classics like Friday and Boyz N The Hood. But Anaconda, was a different kind.

If you haven't made the acquaintance it is a movie about a crew trolling down the Amazon to film a documentary on an indigenous people. Only a stranded lunatic jumps ship and manipulates the crew to different motives. Poisoned with a quest to capture the world's most lucrative snake, our villain kills, bullies and coerces the group. So what do you get when you put Doughboy, the butler from Richie Rich, the dad from National Treasure, Wedding Crashers and Selena on a boat down the river? Characters so close to type they end up piece-ingredients. Our loving components were - Lopez - Latina Flare. Hyde - Pompous Male. Cube - Black Bruh.  Voight - villain w/bad accent + a lot of direction with the words"Act Natural". Like athletes, I believe good actors can play to the level of the group. We've all seen stars have off shooting nights, and despite strong performances in other roles, it seemed they just didn't want to overexert themselves. Making the most amusing part of the film how people were going to die. And it was amusing. So, if you love fake screams, dramatic sequences, animated snake stalking and a vibrant disrespect for physics. There's nothing wrong with that! You've found your ride!