Meet, The Trappist

An Old Town Oakland pub that carries a beer selection to rival most fancy restaurant's wine list. Over 100 suds with a rotating well of ever-fresh selections on tap. The dim-lit hole was quiet from the outside, orange-illuminated windows with partially lit 20 and 30 somethings roving about. Everyone had on jeans as effortlessly manicured doos hunched close over the wood of flickering tables. This was the place upscale beer manufacturers want you to believe exists. The kind of place where the quality of your beverage matches the ambiance, and neither compromise. The tavern, was for sure packed, yet the volume never rose above a chatter. You're sure everyone is speaking words, but there are no words, only the occasional soft clink of fork on plate as folks munch on appetizers. The full inner structure was shaped something like a horse's shoe, with a bar in front and one 'around back' (adjacent) both with street-facing doors. We made our rounds from common area to connecting hallway to the other common area.

Slanting at the back bar with a cracked menu, the impressive array made me feel new and ready to explore. There was land out west, and I planned to discover it. A natural fan of Hef'eweizen I figured this would be a good neighborhood to choose from in terms of for scale, flavor and bitterness. I was pointed to Allagash White, an American rendition of a Belgian Wheat Beer. What's inside of the glass was faded amber, with a rocky foam top. And crisp, without the weight of an IPA or the thinness of a Bud Light. It was more robust with sprints of spices. We found a row of classroom-style desks equipped with the groove for a number two pencil. We sat like kidults with cold beer in a tall glass, talking of what was. And what was to come.

The "Specialty Beer Cafe" can be found at these coordinates: 460 Eightth Street in Oakland