Bad Movie Night , Episode 2

Sci-fi before the 1990s is gross. Make no mistake about it, Southern California owes you all a handwritten apology. When goal surpasses ability it looks like a toddler doing physics. Kurt Russell's 1980's The Thing is everything you want out of imploding body boils, dripping wet tentacles and hot gushing ooze. If you're disgusted, good, you're human. If not, prove it. Click the button.

Response 1: I can not believe you just did that! 

Response 2: ...coward.

Sorry. Enough with the bravado, you're cooler than me. Can I just tell you what I freakin' witnessed? An alien symbiot infects an animal at an Arctic research facility. With the ability to copy prey the now spider, ant, person who lives beneath the fur of this dog can shed flesh at any moment to eat something or someone. With the remote building now on a self-imposed quarantine, the inhabitants start to turn on each other in fear of who's got the virus. Our narrative dips into a loose tale of morality and Darwinism as the protagonist curls down every finger except the longest one and waves it around. All the while our monster transforms into curious and more curious variations until reaching its strongest form.

Then, whoa, the climax is less than 20 seconds, with a final ending that is woefully inconclusive. I thought: they wanted to leave room for a part two? But, good can happen in this world, and for the sake of my children, there was only one.

If you want to see valleys of reaching. If you want to see mountains of thin. Rent this film. I shouted, grinned and laughed out loud to things that were very very serious. Trust me, it won't disappoint.

Jesse ByrdComment