Bad Movie Night , Episode 1

It's 1985. A 30-something Austrian bodybuilder is at a very pivotal point in his career. Coming off two Conan movies and his first Terminator we knew who Arnold was, for sure, but not quite yet who he was going to be in the world of film. Enter Commando, a brash, knuckle brushing hyperbole. To get your feet wet, a highly trained ex-operative has the apple-of-his-eye daughter kidnapped and "Taken" to a guarded location. To get her (Alyssa Milano)  back Arnold uses a combination of coercion, scantily veiled espionage and Rambo flavored tactics to shoot, stab and blow through and endless assortment of South American militants. Rightfully equipped with soldiers spilling through doorway like jailbreak.

Highlights include: Arnold ripping a phone booth out of the floor with a person in it, and hoisting it over his head. Arnold holding a grown man off a cliff with one hand, sputtering puns. And Arnold pushing a 3,000 pound car upright with an ultra casual nudge. There's a lot to love. If you enjoy shameless bodies of work that aren't scared to commit, this is your relationship. In my mind, there's often something to respect about a person who isn't scared to be who they are, even if you disagree. I think the same holds for movies. Be yourself - all the way.


You can buy this wonderful movie used for as little as 0.01 cents (+ shipping) on Amazon. We've spent far more on worse.

If you have suggestions for BMN let me know. I'll watch the movies you wouldn't throw on on a first date, but would recommend to a total stranger. It's cool.

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