Podcast of the Week #3: Quality & Popularity

Audience: Anyone looking to make (or continue to make) art their career.

21-Word Explainer: An interview with Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling. He discusses how to not sacrifice art for popularity yet still be successful.

Why Listen: Rod Serling is heralded as one of the few creatives who found both commercial and true artistic success. The Twilight Zone series for which he is both creator and one of the writers pushed the boundaries of social consciousness and serves as a looking glass to bare human nature. If you're a fan of the Netflix series Black Mirror, it's logical to see this as the modernization of a Twilight Zone motif.

*If you're in a hurry, I recommend especially checking out the 5 minutes from minute 12-17.*

Hope this offers some perspective and insight on your journey to create meaningful art that sells.



Jesse ByrdComment