Interview with Top-Rated Artist Wonder Fabrique


Our interview with renown illustrator Wonder Fabrique!

After illustrating for the series Monsters Are Real, Wonder was nice enough to give insights into his journey and personal career.

Wonder is highly sought after for his creative design of spooky characters and dark settings.

What’s Your Name?
My name is Andrea "Andrew" Casciaro.

Where are you from?
I'm from Torino, a city in the North west of Italy.

When did you realize you wanted to be a professional artist?"

This is interesting, I drew and paint since I have memory but I realize that this could be become a profession in Fall 2011. 


4. What is your creative process when you accept a new project?

"First, I draw pencil sketches on paper. When the client approves it, I move the sketches to Photoshop and begin to color. Sometimes, if the painting is composed by background and characters, I'll send the colored background for approval. After the final colored version, I'm available for minor corrections."


5. What did you enjoy most when illustrating this project?

"This project seems perfect for me! The cartoon style, the city chosen for the story, the mood of the story, everything met my style. I really enjoyed the very detailed description for each scene."

6. What was the most challenging thing to draw in our project?

"I had some challenges in scene 3. It shows 7 characters with the high clock tower of St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans near Jackson square."

'Werewolf in New Orleans' (Scene 3)

'Werewolf in New Orleans' (Scene 3)

"I drew several sketches to arrive at my final result. I played with different perspectives to show everything and drive the eye of the viewer around the scene."

7. Could you show us your favorite sketch to not make it into the story?

scene 5 cutted.jpg

"There is an unedited version of scene 5 that shows a top down view of the dark alleyway with the werewolf. I've shared it above."

Finished Version of Scene 5

Finished Version of Scene 5

8. If you were INFINITELY RICH, what would you want to create?

I would create a private art gallery for digital painters where artists can show their work and people can take classes to learn how to became digital painters.


9. What's your next project?

At the moment I'm painting a contemporary portrait with geometric shapes!


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The above conversation is between Wonder Fabrique & Jesse B. Creative INC.

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